10 in 60 guest Steve Mittleman

Steve Mittleman

When L.A’s Comedy Store hosted auditions for Steve Martin's film ‘Roxanne’. dozens of great comics, Steve Mittleman included, faced a professionals worst enemy - lack of time. The Store simply had a limited number of spots. Steve stopped by anyway, someone cancelled, and he got the shot. After the showcase, the film's producers asked for only one comedian they'd seen that evening. Before he knew it, Mittleman found himself hauling a fire hose around Canada, playing a quirky fireman in Steve Martin's hit film.

His comedy role models include Jack Benny and Rodney Dangerfield. Their impact can be heard in Steve's material - inventive storytelling combined with a subtle-but-biting delivery. Steve soon found a new audience as he morphed into class clown. His teacher asked if he was chewing gum. He said. “Yes, and l brought enough for everybody.”

Success came for Steve with the development of his own brand of humor, opening and headlining across the globe in colleges, cruise ships, casinos, corporate events and golf tournaments. Steve describes himself as, “a Star Trek golfer, my ball goes where no ball has ever gone before. I once lost a ball putting! In my housel“

Steve's worked with such talents as Sha Na Na, Natalie Cole, Sheena Easten, Gladys Knight, Anthony Newley, Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno. When he's not traveling the world, he moonlights as a male model. “I model on the radio.”

Steve won The Big Laff-Off on SHOWTIME! and is a nationally recognized talk show guest with over ninety TV performances, including appearances on: HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, VH1, ABC, NBC and CBS. He's been on The Tonight Show with Johnny and Jay. David Letterman. Rosie O'Donnell and Comic Relief. Even six spots on popular British ‘chat’ shows. We’ve watched Steve in over fifty national commercials, from Federal Express through Coors Beer Man campaign. Most recently he did a cameo in Steve Martin's “Out Of Towners.”

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